On behalf of ACLIMA and the other parnerts who have made possible the "Waste as a Resource" conference, we want to thank all the attendants for their participation in this event.

During the two days the conference lasted, we have had 140 participants from 9 countries, there have been 25 presentations; 58 bilateral meetings have been held, where 37 were international (63.79%), 9 posters were presented and more than 80 people participated in the visits to reference WtE facilities in the Basque Country.

We believe that these figures show a positive result, which we hope will be accentuated with the opportunities that you may have identified during the conference.

We inform you that we have updated the web coolsweepbilbao.com, so  all the presentations can be downloaded, and also a selection of photographs from the event.

Technical Secretariat:
Tel. (+34) 94 439 93 93